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141 Penn Street
El Segundo, CA 90245


Inspired by the icons of great mid-century modern design, our collection of bottles, decanters, and tabletop objects are a study in color, form and function. The Joe Cariati studio in Los Angeles produces thousands of elegantly minimalist, functional pieces per year. Each deceptively complex, one-of-a-kind object is crafted by hand utilizing a unique process of rapid succession using no blow molds. 


              David Horvitz:

 A conceptual NYC based artist, this project contains bottles custom blown by Joe as directed by David.  Each bottle contains ocean water from “the longitude line that divide’s California’s time zone with Alaska’s”.  “I imagine the boat to exist in neither time zone, somewhere outside the jurisdiction of standardized time.”


              David Wiseman:

David Wiseman is an LA based artist who creates bronze installations, objects and furniture.  The “cages” that we blow into are made of bronze.  Each cage is preheated in our oven to 1000 degrees. The glass is then blown into the cage, cut and polished and returned to David’s studio for patina and completion.


              HAAS Brothers: 

The Haas Brothers explore aesthetic and formal themes related to nature, science fiction, sexuality, psychedelia and color theory. Mad hatters of the new school art/ design world, Joe has blown components for several lighting and sculptural objects and installations including the “Sex Room” installation. 



Apple Computers reached out to Joe in 2012 to use images of his decanters in their App Store. The decanter images were featured multiple times throughout the App Store, including as the default images for Pages, iWork, and iCloud. 


              Splendid Stores

Splendid globe chandeliers contain a mass of blown glass amorphous objects & spheres. Installed in multiples to create a stunning “blobject”.